Heatherwood Retirement Community Boise is Pet Friendly

Pet Friendly

Heatherwood Retirement Community welcomes your four-legged family member. A part of caring for your family pet is being a good neighbor: courteous and respectful of other residents. Please take a moment to read our pet-friendly guidelines:

  • What size family pet may reside in my apartment? Size of the pet may vary in each community, please contact the community of interest for details. Current immunization papers and photo required. Specific reptiles and other species are banned. Pets are not allowed to reside with you in a Memory Care neighborhood.
  • The Who's Who of Pets? Only the pet identified on the signed lease addendum may occupy the premises and be considered part of our community.
  • Number of Pets? At Heatherwood Retirement Community you may have one cat or one dog per residence. In special circumstances, exceptions to this policy are at the discretion of the Executive Director.
  • Breeds? We hope you can understand that only breeds of a non-aggressive nature are allowed. Call the community for clarification if needed.
  • What's the "good neighbor policy"? Taking a bag when you head outside: don't leave home without it. At Heatherwood Retirement Community, the expectation is that you will be a responsible pet owner.
  • You make the difference. "Picking up" after your pet has a positive impact on your neighbors. How?
    • By reducing health issues for fellow residents.
    • It maintains our good water quality – causing no waste to pollute after rain run-off.
    • It's courteous and respectful - not disposing of pet waste properly is in violation of our Pet Police and may lead to a request to remove your pet from the community. We don't want that and neither do you.
  • Did you know? Our Pet Policy requires dogs and cats be kept inside except when on a leash and must be accompanied by, and under control of, the resident in common or community areas at all times.
  • Take care. As a resident, you are responsible for injuries or damage to person or property caused by your pet.
  • They're worth it! In compliance with our Pet Policy, a one-time, non-refundable pet fee is required.  Please inquire with the Executive Director regarding fees and pricing.