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KTVB Seven’s Hero: Program brings kids and seniors together By Maggie O’Mara


For over 18 years, the Residents of Heatherwood have had a unique relationship with the children at Rosehill Montessori School. During the school year the children walk to Heatherwood and spend time with their “Buddy” talking, eating goodies, making crafts, playing games and building long lasting relationships. This inter-generational program brings joy to all involved. 


“The Reptile Guy!”

June 20, 2013

Heatherwood Retirement Community was pleased to be joined by our very own neighbor, Corbin Maxey. Corbin’s visit gave residents and guest the opportunity to meet his beloved tortoise Tinkerbelle, along with many of his other reptile friends. 

Corbin Maxey is a twenty-three-year-old nationally recognized wildlife expert, specializing in reptiles, and is most notable from his numerous appearances on “The Today Show,” “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno,” and various other national and local television programs. For over a decade, Corbin and his reptile friends have been visiting schools, libraries, zoos, aquariums, and private events sharing his love of animals while promoting the respect and appreciation of all nature. 

Corbin spent his childhood immersed in the mountains of southern Idaho, exploring wildlife like snakes, lizards, frogs and toads. He even developed an exotic animal collection, which included his first lizard named “Booger!” Corbin’s passion for all animals influenced his decision to commit his life to them. 

Corbin is ambitious and had formed more than a few effective developments. At the mere age of twelve, he founded Cyprus Hill Reptile Reserve—a non-profit organization located in Meridian, Idaho dedicated to reptile rescue, conservation, and education. To this day, Corbin has found homes for hundreds of homeless, abused, and neglected reptiles and amphibians.  

In addition to his reptile sanctuary Corbin wrote, produced, and starred in “Reptile Rampages;” a weekly performance at a local zoo. The TV program helped promote responsible pet ownership.  Since then he became the youngest producer and host of “LIVE with The Reptile Guy.” His campaigns have been largely a success.  

In addition to his work experience, Corbin graduated from Boise State University with a degree in Biology. 

The residents found Corbin’s story humbling, and his scaly companions fascinating! The Community welcomes him back at any time 

Healthy Idaho: Independent Living to Senior Living

May 22, 2013

In this 'Healthy Idaho' segment, Lisa Kukay, Marketing Director at Heatherwood Retirement, and William Swearingen, VP Marketing and Sales with Frontier Management, talk about when to transition from living in your own home to Senior Living. Watch the video for informative insight on a challenging decision.

Click here to watch video. 

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Empty Bowls: A Project for the Idaho Foodbank

April 2013

"There comes a time and a place to give back, and each individual will recognize that time and place."  - Vernon Jordon.

At Heatherwood we belive strongly in this statement. And we know our time and place is now and here.

Each year on the Friday after Thanksgiving, the Idaho Foodbank hosts an incredible event, "Empty Bowls", on the Grove Plaza in downtown Boise. Throughout the year they collect handcrafted and hand-painted bowls from professional and amateur artisans, students, and studios. The event offers the opportunity to select a unique bowl from thousands and then enjoy a hot bowl of soup generously donated by one of several of Boise's finest local restaurants.

While you enjoy your meal, your thoughts circle back to the fact that not all of our neighbors are able to meet the basic need of feeding their families. The funds raised by this annual event help to provide free food assistance to those badly in need. Last year's event nearly sold out of the 2000 bowls that were donated.

The residents at Heatherwood knew this event needed their support this year. They have rallied behind the cause and gone to work. Eleven of our finest are putting their artistic talent into creating special bowls to be given away as part of the 2013 "Empty Bowls" event.  The satisfaction of knowing we are able to positively impact the lives of our neighbors perfectly embodies the true meaning of Thanksgiving. Be part of "Empty Bowls" by joining us to make your own bowl for donation. Contact us for more information!

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Value Found in Special Heirlooms

April 5, 2013

The stir among the residents began the moment they heard that we were going to host an Antique Show open to the public. Everyone started gathering their treasures, found items, and family heirlooms to see if they had that "surprise" item of value.

With the arrival of residents and guests from the Boise area, anticipation began to build as we approached the opening of the show and the beginning of appraisals by Karen Stockton, one of Oregons most respected antique appraisers. Once Ms. Stockton took the helm and explained what to expect, the show hit a high that lasted through the afternoon. 

The big surprise of the day was a sword brought to the show by a local gentleman that had purchased the item at a garage sale for $1. After sharing the swords history and origin Ms. Stockton informed him that it could be insured for $3000. The entire day progressed in this manner, with one surprise after another.

Much was learned about the items brought for appraisal, adding credence to the reasons we keep family heirlooms and why we should trust our "gut" when we find that certain "piece" at a thrift store or garage sale. We are already planning our next Antique Appraisal with a desire to focus on antique holiday items. Keep connected with Heatherwood and find out what those items in your attic might be worth!

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Where In The World Are You...

April 4, 2013

As morning broke one special morning, resident at Heatherwood Retirement Community found a surprise on their apartment door. A hat pin with a flag attached to containing their name. Also found in the bag was a letter asking them where in the world they "were".

Each morning a new clue awaited them at breakfast to start their day. Rules of the game are quite simple, they may use a computer, books from the library, get into study or discussion groups, or just take a lucky guess in their attempts to research their "location". Each clue is posted next to the map, accompanied by an explaination of their travels. When a traveler finally lands on the "destination", we celebrate.

As they travel around the world looking for the destination the clues hint at, residents comment on the various places that they have visited and share information with their peers. This interactive approach creates great dialogue with their peers and engages the mind. On the journey, we continue to learn about the world and it's inhabitants. Proving we are never too young to explore! 

If you ever want to "travel" with Heatherword remember to ask, "Where in the world are you...?"

Hw vday 2013

Love Light Shines Bright on Valentine's Day

February 18, 2013

Candle light, moon light, star light...the brightest glow is from love light. It's the little things that make a relationship great. Add to the equation a bit of anticipation and we create some of our most cherished memories.

This Valentine's Day at Heatherwood these statements came to life. The day began with personal invitations hanging on each apartment door, complete with a chocolate kiss. Curtains were hung over the entrances to the Dining Room with "No Peeking" signs attached contributing to a growing excitement that increased through out the day. 

Behind the curtains, the Heatherwood team was busy transforming the Dining Room into a romantic setting fit for Cupid himself. Crisp white linens were placed on table tops accompanied by red linen napkins, candles in the center and red roses set the scene for a special gourmet dining experience prepared by Chef Gerry.

As the time arrived for the big reveal, anticipation had built to a crescendo. The curtains were pulled back and each resident was met by a team member with a glass of pink champagne then personally escorted to their table. From prime rib to crab stuffed prawns, asparagus with hollandaise to roasted fingerling potatoes, finishing with strawberry cheescake and chocolate covered strawberries, the quisine for the evening was exquisite.

Classic love songs played on the grand piano provided the perfect backdrop. Love was definitely in the air this Valentine's Day at Heatherwood along with new memories to be cherished for a lifetime.

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Age Knows No Limit For A Good Cause

January 21, 2013

A great quote by Samuel Ullman states, "Nobody grows old merely by living a number of years. We grow old by deserting our ideals. Years may wrinkle the skin, but to give up enthusiasm wrinkles the soul."

A thought provoking statement that we take to heart at Heatherwood. The Rose Hill Montessori students have been partnering with Heatherwood residents, affectionately known as "Buddies", for more than 14 years. Each month the bright eyes and wonderous energy of the children infiltrate Heatherwood to work on craft projects, play games, or to just "hang out" with their buddies. On this day, Kristin, from the Idaho Humane Society, joined in the fun bringing her two special dogs, Joe and Ennis.

With a purposeful goal in mind, young and old joined together to begin creating dog toys for donation to the Idaho Humane Society. The mission of the organization is to advocate for the welfare and responsible care of animals, protect them from neglect and cruelty, and promote humane education, awareness. and compassion.  

Once the day was complete and dog toys were finished, it was time to enjoy some specail entertainment courtesy of the immensely talented Joe and Ennis. Showcasing their many tricks, they provided the perfect end to a special day.

The joint intergenerational project benefits both students and residents, giving them an outlet to work to gether in support community causes and opportunities to form special friendships. This longstanding relationship is something the residents and children cherish. Residents enjoy seeing their "buddies" grow into wonderul adults and contributing member of society.

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Jack's Day

January 16, 2013

January 16th was a special day for Heatherwood resident Jack Taylor. A surprise morning tea with the Boise State University women's tennis team had been arranged to honor him. You see, Jack has been a long time supporter of BSU tennis both financially and with courtside cheers.

Jack's love of tennis began in 1939 when he learned to play the game on one of its' most difficult surfaces - clay. After World War II, he attended Ohio State University where the agreeable climate allowed him to play nearly every day. In late 1980 he moved to Boise where he played with the Boise Tennis Club for 15 years. One of his favorite events to watch was the Big Sky Tennis Championships.

By 1997 Jack became a regular fan of Bronco Tennis and opened a scholarship fund. He attended every home match and all conference championships. Due to an arthritic knee, Jack's playing days ended in 2004 after a 65 year run.

Celebrating Jack's unwaivering support for BSU Tennis, in 2002 the university created the Boise State Jack Taylor Classic tournament in his honor. This was the ultimate testament to a life-long love of Jack's. He treasures the memories and the friendships that have been formed over the years and continues to support the Boise State teams.

Heatherwood was proud to present the woment's tennis team with a donation of $800 that will be used toward the re-stringing of their rackets. Head coach Beck Roghaar said, "Thank You! That was so great for all of our team to hear from Jack. You are so great to have set this up for him. I can't tell you enough how grateful we are for you generous donation. We wouldn't be able to chase our dream of being a consistent powerhouse in college tennis without the support of people like you in the community. Thank you so much from all of us."

Jack's generosity of spirit and his willingness to provide unwaivering support for something he loves is a life lesson for all of us. It was nice to play a small part in Jack's day.


Halloween Safe Haven Celebration

October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween from Heatherwood Retirement Community in Boise, Idaho where over 75 pre-school children were entertained at the Heatherwood Safe-Haven Halloween Trick OR Treat celebration. Rose Doty, Heatherwood’s Activities Director, did a fantastic job partnering with 4-5 different schools. The Lobby of Heatherwood was a Spooky Haunted experience including décor and sounds to create a delightfully scary atmosphere. Residents dressed for the occasion and sat throughout the lobby and rotunda as they passed out candy.

The ghouls and goblins arrived at different times throughout the day making it exciting for the residents. As each hour passed, residents waited with anticipation for the children to arrive. This intergenerational activity/community service allowed Boise's little ones to enjoy safe trick-or-treating while bringing great happiness and joy to the residents of Heatherwood Retirement.

Participation in Service Projects for the Boise

October 18, 2011

Heatherwood Retirement residents enjoy using their activity time to give back to those in need in the Boise area. Blankets and clothes are collected for the Boise Rescue Mission and several deliveries were made from summer to this fall.

Heatherwood also clips coupons and sends them overseas for families that live on a military base so they can save money at the commissary. It is a big effort to get them all clipped and sorted but everyone has a great time socializing while they work on the project.

Linda Simon, Executive Director states, “It is so wonderful that people and staff are willing to think about others that are less fortunate.”

The crafters group is working with Rose, Activity Director to make hundreds of stuffed, cuddly bears. The bears will be donated to the Garden City Police Department close to Christmas. The police department gives them to children for comfort when they are frightened.


Mother's Day Tea

May 8, 2011

Heatherwood Retirement Community hosted a delightful Mother’s Day Tea. The setting was lovely spring bouquets centered on linen covered tables. Tea was poured from charming tea sets, some loaned by residents and staff at Heatherwood. Many tea sets were steeping in family history which encouraged guests to share their stories of earlier gatherings of tea in the parlor or as a family tradition. Residents and guests were encouraged to dress for the occasion in spring occasion.


Free Wi-Fi Available at Heatherwood

Heatherwood Retirement Community is proud to announce that we have free Wi-Fi for residents, families, and friends to use in the lobby and dining room to send e-mail, or search the internet.

Bring your laptop or smart phone to Heatherwood if you need to send that important e-mail or you need to look up something on the internet. Stop by today and enjoy a cup of coffee, hot tea or a cold drink and use the free Wi-Fi to send that e-mail or search the internet.

If you have a small business meeting to hold after hours and need the use of the internet feel free to contact us at Heatherwood to set a date and time for your meeting.


Lawrence "Eddie" Fager Receives Frontier Management Award as Resident of the Year

August 12, 2009

On Wednesday, August 12, residents and guests gathered at Heatherwood Retirement in Boise, ID to celebrate Lawrence “Eddie” Fager who was named Frontier Management’s 2009 Resident of the Year.  He was given the award by Greg Roderick, President, and Matt Dunham, Chief Operating Officer, of Frontier Management. The same morning Boise Mayor Dave Bieter issued a proclamation declaring August 12 as Lawrence (Eddie) Fager day.

Eddie moved to Heatherwood Retirement Community in 2000. He has always promoted neighborly goodwill, particularly with helping a neighbor when he sees a need. Eddie likes to keep busy and can be seen tending the rose gardens at Heatherwood. New residents find Eddie a source of friendship and good will.

Eddie volunteers at Heatherwood as a greeter during events, in the office or assisting a new resident get acquainted with new neighbors. Eddie’s activities also include volunteering at Idaho Home Health and Hospice and the Retired Senior Volunteers of America program. His is an active member of Elks and Toastmasters. He is a member of the walking club Happy Hoofers and the Boise Foot Notes music group.

Heatherwood Retirement Community is one of Boise’s finest independent retirement communities, with 108 spacious apartments, located close to shopping and area hospitals.

Frontier Management’s Resident of the Year Award seeks to recognize individual residents who have made an extraordinary contribution to the community as a whole over the previous year. This program recognizes the achievements of an individual resident for contributions that have positively influenced the quality of life of other residents or resident’s families; improved the quality of life of people surrounding town or city by their actions; or improved the quality of the working environment for Frontier’s employees or their families. Eddie was chosen Resident of the Year from over 2000 other possible residents.